Business Activities

In this digital world, high-quality content is desperately needed in order to engage audiences and drive brand recognition.  You are ahead of the curve by visiting this page to figure out how we can work together to achieve your content goals.  Below are the writing services I offer.

Corporate Blogging

Check out my politics and culture articles to see examples of how I can draw readers to your site using hot topics in the news and politics.  If your readers want to go beyond technical jargon and connect your products with their issues, my stories and opinion articles can do just that.

Web Copy for Business

Does your company’s website need some language to attract customers, learn more about your services, and convert your page views into sales?  Trust my writing to help your site resonate with its viewers.

Jacket Blurbs

Does your book or e-book need help summarizing its content in a way that convinces people to buy it?  You may know your content and writing but after all your hard work, an outside voice can be what convinces people to take the plunge and buy your book.

Press Releases

A company, business, or nonprofit deserves to have its message heard by the media and public.  But being noticed by your target audience can be tough in this era of constant Tweets and fake news.  Let me write your press release and social media announcements to ensure that your message breaks through the clutter.