July Updates – Change of Plans

First things first, I decided to do a little late spring cleaning on the site. I reorganized some content and added some bright, fresh colors to make everything seem more cheerful and positive. Share your thoughts on the new layout below or contact me on social media.

Next, as I promised in January, I wanted to share with you a quarterly update of my writing goals. Unlike the last update, however, I want to exercise my option to make some changes to the goals. I am doing this for a very specific reason – goal #1 is taking up a ton of time. It is a cliche at this point when a writer complains that a manuscript is a larger time suck than he ever would have anticipated. Still, that’s the case here as my plan is ambitious. I still need to organize a number of interviews with key people who will be contributing quotes on various topics as well as pull business books for research and references. That of course is in addition to ACTUAL writing and still reading for pleasure on occasion. So some changes will have to be made, as explained below.

  1. Finish that manuscript I said I would finish in 2016 – See above. Right now I need to begin executing a writing schedule I have created to force creativity (ha) and get thoughts to electronic paper.
  2. Join a writers’ organization or community and pay for the dues with money I’ve earned writing – This goal is a little less required, as I am going to be doing less freelance writing over the next 6-12 months. That does not mean I will not be doing any writing. Quite the opposite: I still have my regular From the Touchline column with By Far The Greatest Team but now my other writings for other sites will be more long-form and in-depth. Currently I am polishing a thought piece on a certain German manager that I will have published on a new site (fingers crossed).
  3. Start, join, or become a regular contributor on a podcast – Hopefully an announcement on this coming soon. 🙂
  4. Become a regular contributor on three new blogs – I’ve met this goal!
  5. Write an article, chapter, story, or something similar every day – yeah, I really need to work on this one.
  6. Publish an article about a destination I visit this year – Despite some good trips, this one may have to be added to the back-burner. That said, by the end of the year I will have no lack of material for such an article.
  7. Revise my goals every three months to adjust for the unexpected – see above