Sports Writings

For over five years, I have been a soccer contributor for a number of sites, but especially the well-regarded World Soccer Talk.  Below are my most recent stories and a sampling of my favorites, to give a sense of my writing style and interests.

In addition, I have served as a podcast host and guest for WST, as well as served as a media interview representing the site.

Book Review: The Arsenal YankeeWorld Soccer Talk

Roma Still Waiting on Arsenal Keeper Szczesny, Chiesa di Totti

Book Review: This is Your Brain on SportsWorld Soccer Talk

Why the Premier League Would Be Better with Only 16 TeamsWorld Soccer Talk

Stan Kroenke’s Fight with St. Louis and the Rams is a Warning Sign for Arsenal FansWorld Soccer Talk

Turnover Among Top Managers Hurts Soccer at the Highest LevelsWorld Soccer Talk

Six Potential Jose Mourinho Jobs That Nobody’s Talking AboutWorld Soccer Talk

Euro 2016 will be Belgium and Wales’ chance to live up to the hypeWorld Soccer Talk

Wide Open Premier League Means Arsenal Should Go for Broke in January Transfer WindowWorld Soccer Talk

Are We Numb to FIFA Scandals? My Review of The Ugly GameWorld Soccer Talk

Leading: A Lesson in Making MoneyWorld Soccer Talk

Why It’s Time to Stop Overhyping El ClasicoWorld Soccer Talk

From Champ to Chump, DC United Is Sliding Towards IrrelevanceWorld Soccer Talk

We, Soccer’s Fans, Are the Blame for FIFA’s CorruptionWorld Soccer Talk

Thierry Henry’s MLS Retirement Sees Him leave Behind a Mixed LegacyWorld Soccer Talk

Why Soccer Clubs Should Adopt a Dr. Who Model of CoachingWorld Soccer Talk

How Nintendo Impacted Soccer’s GrowthSoccer Newsday

Soccer and Social Media DebatesSoccer Newsday

The Death of ESPN? Soccer Newsday

Why MLS is Not Immune from Match FixingWorld Soccer Talk


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