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BeIn Sports’ Murky Future A Major Worry for U.S. Soccer Fans

Since 2012, beIN Sports has filled the gaps of soccer coverage in the U.S. left by the demise of Fox Soccer Channel.  The Al Jazeera Media Fund worldwide sports network shows in the U.S. La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and Football League Championship matches (among others) and provides a platform for soccer personalities like Ray… Continue reading BeIn Sports’ Murky Future A Major Worry for U.S. Soccer Fans

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Pre-Season Prep and Media Reporting

The English Premier League season has kicked off and already Arsenal face a number of crises! It's good to have European soccer back as well as watching MLS enter the playoff stretch (with a sprinkling of CCL here and there).  This means my blogging will be up and running now as I begin to dive… Continue reading Pre-Season Prep and Media Reporting

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If you have stumbled across this empty-looking site already, welcome!  You have reached the professional page of one Robert Hay Jr.  Who is this person who has the audacity to believe a website should be created about him? I am many things, but for the purposes of this site I am a writer who aspires… Continue reading Introduction