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End of April Update – Miss Me?

Well, I am still here. It has been a while on this site, but believe me, I’ve been busy.

If you don’t follow me on social media, you probably missed my myriad articles on a number of topics, mostly soccer. I’ve been moving away from posting individual articles as posts on this site, as it I’m sure it gets annoying for those of you who receive updates via email or RSS. I am working on finding a way for a sidebar on this site to update automatically with my new posts and stories on different sites, so stay tuned. In the meantime, don’t use this as an excuse not to click on my articles and posts for other sites.

What about this site? I’ll continue to keep it updated (promise) but will feature more original content and musings on a number of topics. There will be a lot of soccer but they may also include things like why I think La-La Land has commitment issues. The upside to having diverse interests is there is a lot to write about but the downside is the blog’s topics can be a little scattered.

If you remember back to the beginning of the year, I listed my writing goals for 2017. One of my resolutions was to revise them quarterly. However, looking over my list, I am quite pleased with the list:

  1. Finish that manuscript I said I would finish in 2016 – the introduction is done! Now to the hard part but progress is being made.
  2. Join a writers’ organization or community and pay for the dues with money I’ve earned writing – still working on this but still a goal.
  3. Start, join, or become a regular contributor on a podcast – all of these things are in the mix. We’ll see if any of them work out.
  4. Become a regular contributor on three new blogs – I’ve met this goal!
  5. Write an article, chapter, story, or something similar every day – this is still a struggle with my busy life but I am almost at this point.
  6. Publish an article about a destination I visit this year – I have two articles in my pocket about a recent trip that I am going to start shopping soon. I’ll keep you updated.
  7. Revise my goals every three months to adjust for the unexpected – not much has changed since March, so I’m still good!

More in-depth content soon.

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I Resolve To Do The Following In 2017…

Resolutions are so overrated. I have never been a fan of using January 1 as a day to enact some sort of life change simply because it is the first day of the year. If I find something inadequate in my life or in need of change, August 21 is just as good a time to start.

That said, I get why it is popular to make this week a starting off point for a new habit. Last year, I made some resolutions for myself for my writing. I firmly believe in holding myself accountable for what I promise, so let’s see how I did.

  • Finish a manuscript for a book to publish: Um, yeah. There has been work done on a manuscript for a second, more timely book but it is far from the light of day. Right Stewie?
  • Sell some of my writings to publications that at least a few people will recognize: Good news! I did have some articles appear in print and on well-regarded websites. Check out the sections of my site with my published materials to see some of them.
  • Grow this site so that it becomes a community: Soon
  • Actually update my URL with the new domain!: As you have probably noticed, this has been an accomplishment this year! I have also switched the website’s look to this newer, more modern look.
  • Have published a short fiction story: This was set aside early, as I just have not found any inspiration or luck for a fiction story. I love nothing more than reading a good fiction short story (Stephen King or George Saunders) but I have yet to find the inspiration in me to write one.

So as you can see I didn’t do too well on my writing goals for 2016. However, the year was far from a failure. Continue reading “I Resolve To Do The Following In 2017…”

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Updates – Why I’ve Been Gone

It has been a while (again) but this time it is for a good reason. Over the past few months, I have launched and been running Soccer Minnows, a website aimed at the novice American soccer fan. There are a ton of soccer sites in the world but so often, if you are new to soccer or even a casual fan, you are automatically drawn to the biggest clubs with the biggest budgets. The soccer world has a ton of fascinating stories and clubs, many of whom are not even on American soccer fans’ radar except for the occasional puff piece on ESPN when they do something odd.

Soccer Minnows is a site that highlights some of these clubs as well as the fans who support them. If you want to support a club that’s not one of the big names, Soccer Minnows is hopefully a place you will gravitate. Please bookmark the site, comment, contribute, and share with your friends.

Soccer Minnows has taken up a ton of my time and energy, so there have not been as many articles as usual that I can share on this site. However, I do have another book review coming out in the near future, as well as an appearance on Yellow Card radio this week. So stay tuned to this site for more good news in the coming days, and thank you for your support.

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Announcement – New Contributor for Chiesa Di Totti

As I have been teasing for some time now, one of my two major announcements is ready to be unveiled. Beginning today/when I can get this first article polished and ready, I will be the newest member of the writing team for Chiesa di Totti, an SB Nation blog for AS Roma fans. Roma has had a special place in my soccer heart and have been my rooting interest as long as Bari linger in the lower leagues. The fans, the history, and the players for Roma are fascinating, and I look forward to writing about all of those things in the coming months.

Check out my work on the website or on this site when I link to my stories.

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Media Hit Announcement and Where to Find My Euro2016/Copa America Work

It has been a while since I have provided an update on my writing, but with so much in life going on, any actual writing has been limited primarily to one topic: soccer. Thankfully, now is a good time to be a soccer writer.

Two years ago I launched this page as a way to share my work covering the World Cup, both my writings and my radio hits. This summer, we are fortunate to have two major soccer tournaments that involve three major confederations, and I will be covering both tournaments.

The biggest announcement is that I will be contributing to World Soccer Talk‘s EuroCopa podcast throughout the next two months. WST has a long tradition of doing daily podcasts during major tournaments, and for the first time I will be a contributor. This podcast is a wrap-up/preview show for both the Euros 2016 and the Copa America, so I have a lot of soccer to watch in my future. I will try to tease the days I will be appearing in advance, but if you enjoy soccer and want to hear smart people talk about it, you need to download this podcast and listen daily.

As for my writing, I will continue to contribute to World Soccer Talk and may have an additional announcement in the near future for another place to read my work. But, as with the last World Cup, this site will contain some random musings, quick thoughts, and stories I come across throughout the next eight weeks. Leave your thoughts, comments, and suggestions, and I look forward to experiencing a major summer of soccer with you, dear reader.