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Updates – Why I’ve Been Gone

It has been a while (again) but this time it is for a good reason. Over the past few months, I have launched and been running Soccer Minnows, a website aimed at the novice American soccer fan. There are a ton of soccer sites in the world but so often, if you are new to… Continue reading Updates – Why I’ve Been Gone

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What’s Next for Landon Donovan (My Take)

During the World Cup, Donovan did his best to remain relevant in the U.S. soccer conversation.  He starred in videos mocking his exclusion which went viral.  He was an analyst for ESPN’s coverage, although that did not go quite as well.  He offered an opinion with every microphone put in front of him, brewing up controversy (un)intentionally by admitting… Continue reading What’s Next for Landon Donovan (My Take)

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Mea Culpa – Updates!

My apologies for going so long in between posts.  It has been as expected a madhouse with the World Cup in full swing.  I am grateful to be asked to contribute to a number of great websites and have racked up a number of media hits, including 98.5 in Boston, Yahoo Sports Radio, ESPN New… Continue reading Mea Culpa – Updates!