World Soccer Talk

What’s Next for Landon Donovan (My Take)

During the World Cup, Donovan did his best to remain relevant in the U.S. soccer conversation.  He starred in videos mocking his exclusion which went viral.  He was an analyst for ESPN’s coverage, although that did not go quite as well.  He offered an opinion with every microphone put in front of him, brewing up controversy (un)intentionally by admitting to cheering against the U.S. initially in a friendly after he was cut then questioning the tactics Klinsmann deployed against Belgium.  During this time, the U.S.’s results were mixed, meaning Donovan has informally established himself as a leader of the anti-Klinsmann viewpoint.

Where, then, does that leave Landon Donovan’s soccer career?  This may be the most interesting fall out of the U.S.’s World Cup run as there is no clear path to how he will remain completely relevant in the U.S. soccer structure.

USA Lightning Rod Landon Donovan Faces Uncertain Future


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