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Mea Culpa – Updates!

My apologies for going so long in between posts.  It has been as expected a madhouse with the World Cup in full swing.  I am grateful to be asked to contribute to a number of great websites and have racked up a number of media hits, including 98.5 in Boston, Yahoo Sports Radio, ESPN New Hampshire, and my favorite, Feuerstein’s Fire.

Expect more from me about the U.S.’s disappointing exit but here are some article I wrote recently about the Yanks plus a bonus Germany story:

Mistakes of Past USA Games Haunt Team in World Cup Loss to Belgium

Why Jurgen Klinsmann Should Keep Jozy Altidore on the Bench Against Belgium (June 29)

How Soccer Fans Should Deal With Non-Fans During the World Cup (June 28)

Five Reasons Why The USA Cannot “Play for a Tie” Against Germany (June 25)

Algeria Stymied Germany But Could Not Take Advantage 


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