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My Thoughts on USA 2 – Portugal 2

I will have more on various sites throughout the week especially as we approach the Germany match, but here are some general thoughts and links:

  • Jurgen Klinsmann flashed some tactical coaching skills and this match may have been remembered as a tactical turning point for him… until he brought in Omar Gonzalez in stoppage time. The LA Galaxy defender has been very poor in the lead-up to the World Cup so his substitution was head-scratching. Of course he was a key culprit in the last-second goal.
  • The German-Americans were critical in this match and covered for many players some thought would be vital to this team’s success (cough cough Michael Bradley).
  • I have been asked if it was U.S. tactics or another factor that led to a poor overall game from Ronaldo. I point to injuries.  He clearly was not as quick as usual nor was he able to consistently move with the ball at his feet. It’s a shame we could not see him at his best… or maybe not from a U.S. fan perspective.
  • The U.S. missed Jozy Altidore’s speed in this match and will REALLY miss it against a technically-proficient but slower German backline.

Eddie Johnson, Not Landon Donovan, is Who the U.S. Misses Right Now

Why the World Cup Will Make Soccer Mainstream

Feuerstein’s Fire, USA post-game show


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