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Updates – Why I’ve Been Gone

It has been a while (again) but this time it is for a good reason. Over the past few months, I have launched and been running Soccer Minnows, a website aimed at the novice American soccer fan. There are a ton of soccer sites in the world but so often, if you are new to soccer or even a casual fan, you are automatically drawn to the biggest clubs with the biggest budgets. The soccer world has a ton of fascinating stories and clubs, many of whom are not even on American soccer fans’ radar except for the occasional puff piece on ESPN when they do something odd.

Soccer Minnows is a site that highlights some of these clubs as well as the fans who support them. If you want to support a club that’s not one of the big names, Soccer Minnows is hopefully a place you will gravitate. Please bookmark the site, comment, contribute, and share with your friends.

Soccer Minnows has taken up a ton of my time and energy, so there have not been as many articles as usual that I can share on this site. However, I do have another book review coming out in the near future, as well as an appearance on Yellow Card radio this week. So stay tuned to this site for more good news in the coming days, and thank you for your support.


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