Media Hit Announcement and Where to Find My Euro2016/Copa America Work

It has been a while since I have provided an update on my writing, but with so much in life going on, any actual writing has been limited primarily to one topic: soccer. Thankfully, now is a good time to be a soccer writer.

Two years ago I launched this page as a way to share my work covering the World Cup, both my writings and my radio hits. This summer, we are fortunate to have two major soccer tournaments that involve three major confederations, and I will be covering both tournaments.

The biggest announcement is that I will be contributing to World Soccer Talk‘s EuroCopa podcast throughout the next two months. WST has a long tradition of doing daily podcasts during major tournaments, and for the first time I will be a contributor. This podcast is a wrap-up/preview show for both the Euros 2016 and the Copa America, so I have a lot of soccer to watch in my future. I will try to tease the days I will be appearing in advance, but if you enjoy soccer and want to hear smart people talk about it, you need to download this podcast and listen daily.

As for my writing, I will continue to contribute to World Soccer Talk and may have an additional announcement in the near future for another place to read my work. But, as with the last World Cup, this site will contain some random musings, quick thoughts, and stories I come across throughout the next eight weeks. Leave your thoughts, comments, and suggestions, and I look forward to experiencing a major summer of soccer with you, dear reader.


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