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Article for Millennial Journal – Can a Catholic Be Humble and Ambitious

And now for something slightly different – my newest article is for Millennial, a website where young Catholics write about the faith from a variety of perspectives. Enjoy the article here, and here’s a snippet:

Modern leadership theory focuses on the cult of the personality, the idea that “innovative” people can make the difference in a company’s success or failure. When you attend leadership classes or read business books, the focus is not on working together but instead on the individual improving him- or herself to the point where they can lead. A perfect example is the current top seller on Amazon in the Business category: Smarter Faster Better, which according to its summary on Amazon, “explores the science of productivity, and why, in today’s world, managing how you think – rather than what you think – can transform your life.”  Even books which talk about building a leadership team default to the worship of the individual; the much lauded book Good to Great by Jim Collins explains how a good leader puts “the right people on the bus” instead of how a group of people can work together to make a company great.  Everything focuses on making yourself better and preparing yourself to lead and stand out.


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