Feuerstein's Fire, Myself, World Soccer Talk

Pre-Season Prep and Media Reporting

The English Premier League season has kicked off and already Arsenal face a number of crises!

It’s good to have European soccer back as well as watching MLS enter the playoff stretch (with a sprinkling of CCL here and there).  This means my blogging will be up and running now as I begin to dive back into my manuscript.

Friday night, you can catch me on Dan Feuerstein’s radio show talking DC United and CCL.  My prediction for tonight’s match? A 1-1 draw.

Also, check out my articles for World Soccer Talk, and be prepared for a glut of Serie A previews and content coming down the pike:

Why It’s Time to Adopt a Second Favorite Team for the 2014/2015 Season

Why Traditional Media is Actually Driving Illegal Soccer Viewing

55% of the Top 100 Soccer Blogs Recommended by The Guardian Are Now Gone


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