Post-World Cup Plans for this Site

It’s a little dusty in here, but that is because after an incredibly busy World Cup I got a little burned out.  I need to pace myself better for Russian 2018.

So what are my future writing plans?  I am still a frequent contributor for World Soccer Talk and Forza Italian football, so I will add my stories from these sites here so you can take a look at them.  I will also be posting small vignettes or snippet stories to major soccer news of the day, just to let everyone know what’s on my mind.  Finally, if one of the many talented soccer writers out there posts something that grabs my attention, I’ll share it here.

Most importantly, however, I am going to continue writing my books.  As it progresses I’ll share updates and a few samples, to keep everyone apprised of the updates.

All of this will occur in the next few weeks, however, as business will take me away from home.  So keep an eye out for more regular mid-August postings going forward.

Thank you for your support!


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