Feuerstein's Fire, Forza Italian Football, World Cup

USA Match Day Versus Ghana

I am going to be a busy guy today as the United States takes on Ghana at 6 PM ET.  Check out my post-game write-up at Forza Italian Football and listen for my post-game reaction live at Feuerstein’s Fire.  If any additional opportunities or stories come up, I will update this post.

Predictions?  I will set aside my USA-colored glasses and predict a 2-1 Ghana win.  Since 2006, Ghana has improved and is hungry to advance after being “robbed” against Uruguay.  The U.S. has improved too, but not as much, and I think this will be a tough match for them.  The one advantage? If it is pouring like the weather says it will, that could favor the U.S.’s style of play.


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