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My Writing to Date During the Euros and Copa America

First, you may have noticed that my writing has been rather light during one of the busiest soccer times of the year. You are right, but it is for a good reason. Recently we had a recent addition to the family that has taken my focus away from my writing (and sleep) and more towards family matters. Despite my lack of long-form output, I have been busy covering the soccer tournaments through a variety of media. First I have published two articles for World Soccer Talk that, I think, have proven pretty accurate:

In addition, I have been ranting and raving as usual on Twitter, where I provide tons of thoughts on the U.S. National Team, Italy, and more topics.

If you want to hear the melodious tones of my voice giving “hot takes” on soccer, I have been one of the rotating contributers to the EuroCopa podcast for World Soccer Talk, where we review the day’s matches and preview upcoming tilts of interest. My most recent appearance was last night, where I praised Jurgen Klinsmann and lamented Wales’ inability to get a point from England.

What’s coming up? I have a number of cool projects I hope to announce in the coming week, mostly around soccer but including other writings. Stay tuned and as always I welcome your comments and feedback!


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