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My New Soccer Column – From the Touchline on BFTGT

I am pleased to share that starting, well, this week I will have a new column on the great soccer website By Far The Greatest Team. My column, entitled From the Touchline, takes different games from around Europe and analyzes the coaching decisions made in the game. Going beyond just the knee-jerk analysis of what worked and what didn’t, each column will try to go into the manager’s mind to see why (rightly or wrongly) he thought the way he did.

First up was a tough one for me as an Arsenal supporter. Watford played a masterful match on Tuesday that combined great team play with a perfect game plan. My first column examines Walter Mazzarri, always one of my favorites, and how he used circumstance to craft the perfect strategic plan to defeat a heavily favored Arsenal team.

I look forward to sharing this column each week.


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