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My 2016 Writing Resolutions

I’ll be honest, I abhor New Year’s resolutions.  They seem like a cheap trick by companies to sell their products, especially if they are in the health industry.  Why start something new on January 1 but not February 1, or April 30?  I understand the convenience of the calendar, but start anew with a resolution when the spirit strikes!

That said, for my writing I am going to violate my principles.  There are a few projects I began late last year and a number more that I will begin in 2016.  Because I took a few mental health days off from writing, my resolutions happen to fall the first weekend in 2016.  Such is the luck of the draw.

So, dear readers, you are my witnesses to my resolutions and goals for this calendar year.  I hope you can keep me to them and remind me when I fall off the path (politely please 🙂 ).  Let me know your thoughts – am I missing something? Aiming too high or low?

  • Finish a manuscript for a book to publish
  • Sell some of my writings to publications that at least a few people will recognize
  • Grow this site so that it becomes a community
  • Actually update my URL with the new domain!
  • Have published a short fiction story

These are more general than the goals I am setting for myself privately, but by publicly airing these at least I am accountable and now on record.

Ok 2016, let’s do this.


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