What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading, 27 January 2016

Between getting some work done and having been stuck indoors due to the snowstorm, it’s been a lot!  Here are a few articles I’ve eyed today that made me think:

Bloomberg: How a Spectacular Hellscape Owned by the Pope Came to Sotheby’s – It’s an interesting story about how some older paintings end up at auction and how rare it is to know how a 16th century work of art ends up in 2016 with its lineage generally known.

The Fix: Why Hillary Clinton is Struggling in 3 CNN Audience Questions – A quick analysis of candidate Clinton’s messaging and how it may be failing to resonate as shown by three debate questions.  Time will tell (specifically two months) if this is accurate.

Musings from the CU Suite: A Blizzard of a Decision – One of my favorite association bloggers throws this scenario on his blog for people to puzzle.  Maybe one of the hardest decisions in DC is when to close the federal government; after all, it costs about $70m to close the government for a day but the wrong decision can endanger lives and snarl roads for hours.