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Would You Hire Jose Mourinho, Job Applicant?

The scuttlebutt from the world of soccer is that Jose Mourinho, superstar manager and massive egotist, is working hard to land his dream job of managing Manchester United.  Now the Red Devils already have a manager but, in an era when the manager of the Champions League favorite announces next year he is taking over a job that is not vacant for a team he could play in the Champions League, nothing is strange anymore.

Set aside the soccer analysis or personal feelings about Jose Mourinho.  If you were a hiring manager for a job, would you hire him based on his actions?  Let’s take a look at some of his rumored actions and see how they would apply on the current job market through a clever grading system:

  • He’s been talking with close allies about his desire for the job. This is a fairly common way to get a new job offer.  If someone in your network knows someone with hiring authority for a position you want, then you certainly want to plant a bug in their ear that you’re available, perfect for the job, and you are willing to take it if offered.  In this regard, he’s doing it right.  Creepiness rating: Tom Hanks, aka not creepy and kind of charming
  • He (allegedly) writes a six page letter outlining why he perfect for the Manchester United job.  It is common in an executive interview to make a presentation about your vision for the company or why you are a good fit.  Many people use PowerPoint or, if you want to show how hip you are, you use Prezi.  However, in-depth letters went out of style probably in the 1800s.  Points to The Special One for going old school, but who has time to read letters anymore? Creepiness rating: Johns Hawkes in almost any role, aka gives you the creeps when he’s around
  • He (allegedly) is telling his friends he has the ManU job: This is a poor decision on two fronts.  With someone already holding the position, it’s tacky to essentially let the guy you’re replacing know you are replacing him before his bosses do.  Second, if you do not have an offer signed and notarized, you are endangering your chances by potentially showing your bosses you are too smug and presumptive prior to being hired.  Neither is a good show of character. Creepiness factor: John Waters.

So, how does candidate Mourinho stack up?  He is certainly qualified and has a desire to succeed, but comes across as wanting it too much and presuming to know how to run the company before he’s even hired.  As a candidate, he would be memorable but likely not hired by a non-soccer company.


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