Quick thought

Quick Thought – Interview Questions for Presidential Candidates

The comparison of running for president to a job interview is a poor one; after all, usually you are not facing millions of bosses when you submit a resume.  However, after watching many debates and reading pages of analysis after them, I always find it interesting that the most basic and cliched interview questions are not ever posed to these candidates.

Thus, here are some day-to-day interview questions I want to see posed to every Presidential candidate:

  • Why did you apply for this position? If you cannot explain succinctly why you want to be President, that is a disqualifier for me.
  • Why are you leaving you current job? A corollary to the previous question but one that may prompt some interesting answers
  • What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? The cliched answer would be of course “I work too hard”
  • Tell me one time you overcame adversity in a previous position and how you came up with your plan to do so? Would Donald Trump’s be his Atlantic City property?
  • What interests you about this job? If they answer “the nuclear codes” or “the true answers to Roswell”, it may be best to vote for their opponent.

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