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Pre-Season Prep and Media Reporting

The English Premier League season has kicked off and already Arsenal face a number of crises! It's good to have European soccer back as well as watching MLS enter the playoff stretch (with a sprinkling of CCL here and there).  This means my blogging will be up and running now as I begin to dive… Continue reading Pre-Season Prep and Media Reporting

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Mea Culpa – Updates!

My apologies for going so long in between posts.  It has been as expected a madhouse with the World Cup in full swing.  I am grateful to be asked to contribute to a number of great websites and have racked up a number of media hits, including 98.5 in Boston, Yahoo Sports Radio, ESPN New… Continue reading Mea Culpa – Updates!

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USA Match Day Versus Ghana

I am going to be a busy guy today as the United States takes on Ghana at 6 PM ET.  Check out my post-game write-up at Forza Italian Football and listen for my post-game reaction live at Feuerstein's Fire.  If any additional opportunities or stories come up, I will update this post. Predictions?  I will… Continue reading USA Match Day Versus Ghana